Tri-Community Alliance is a grass roots organization recently formed to preserve the environmentally sensitive, historically significant and naturally beautiful area of New Ulm, Frelsburg, and Cat Spring. On April 25, 2011 CenterPoint Energy mailed letters to area property owners outlining their intentions to construct a new 345 kV double circuit transmission line from LCRA’s Fayetteville Substation to CenterPoint Energy’s Zenith Substation in Northwest Harris County. View a copy of the letter below. Two of the four Preliminary Segments run right through Cat Spring, New Ulm, and Frelsburg.  By law, Center Point Energy must give property owners the opportunity to learn about this plan and express their concerns.

                        Click HERE to view the CenterPoint letter.                                                                           

Why is Center Point Energy moving so fast with very little notice?  
Decide for yourself.  CLICK HERE to Read about new proposed legislation regarding condemnation. 

Our organization is shocked that CenterPoint Energy has been so insensitive during their planning process.  Center Point Energy believed that giving two week’s notice for a public meeting was ample notice for a project that would destroy 177 years of history.  Perhaps this is not insensitivity on CenterPoint Energy’s part. It is our belief that CenterPoint Energy assumed they could follow the minimum required process, thereby leaving the people of New Ulm, Frelsburg, and Cat Spring little time to mobilize. 

It is Tri-Community Alliance’s view that CenterPoint Energy failed to conduct proper due diligence related to the historical significance and environmental concerns specific to the Cat Spring area. We also believe that CenterPoint Energy has grossly underestimated the strength of our community.

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